Educating hearts and minds for God.

We seek to educate every student into a well-rounded, life-long learner. Our rigorous, but supportive environment gives timely feedback, modeling, and cross-curricular approaches to lead students towards truth, beauty, and goodness.


Building a Strong Foundation

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School's Primary School (Pre-K to 2nd grade), we focus on the 'grammar stage' of classical education, concentrating on key skills in reading, math, and critical thinking.

Our diverse curriculum fosters intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth. Centered around the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, we ensure a robust foundation for our students' academic success.


Integrating classical education and faith

Sacred Heart Cathedral School's grades 3-5 program combines classical education with Catholic values.

We employ Socratic questioning, project-based learning, and moral lessons to promote independent thought and learning enthusiasm. Classroom iPads and subjects like art, music, and French enhance education, supported by the Spirit of Truth Religion Series for a comprehensive faith-based learning experience.

Middle School

Shaping future leaders and thinkers

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School, our middle school curriculum is designed to shape students' futures, emphasizing self-awareness, friendships, and in-depth academic study.

We prepare students for high school, career success, and Christian discipleship. Highlights include the 1:1 MacBook Air Program, lab-based science, advanced math, and religious education. Students immerse in humanities, literature, service projects, and fine arts, daily exploring truth, beauty, and goodness.

Morning Star

Specialized Learning with a Personal Touch

Since 1990, Sacred Heart Cathedral School's Morning Star Program has offered specialized education for students with unique learning needs.

It emphasizes academic, self-worth, respect, and spiritual growth. The program concentrates on foundational academics, occupational skills, social development, and cultural appreciation. Tailored instruction in core subjects and practical life skills training are key components.

Morning Star is a dedication to fostering independent, valued individuals in society.