Student Life

We live as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The students of Sacred Heart live as disciples of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and excel through academics, service to others, and community life.

Catholic Identity

Jesus is the reason for our school

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School, Jesus Christ is central to our identity. He is the foundation of our school, shaping our community's capacity to love, explore, and connect.

Together with our students and families, we focus on high-quality education in a faith-filled environment. Our aim is not just academic excellence, but instilling in every student the understanding that Jesus is at the heart of all we do.

Service Learning

Living our faith beyond the classroom

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School, service is a natural extension of our faith. Our students, inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, actively engage in service, embodying Christ's mission.

Our students initiate service projects, transforming belief into action. Through class discussions and reflections, they connect these experiences with their faith, deepening their understanding of being Christ's hands and feet in the world.


Champions - on and off the field.

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School, we build champions on and off the field. Our athletics program, deeply rooted in Catholic values, focuses on developing outstanding athletes and virtuous role models.

Offering various sports through the Catholic Youth Sports League, we emphasize integrity, teamwork, and excellence in all our athletic endeavors.


Education beyond the classroom

At Sacred Heart Cathedral School, extracurricular activities extend our Catholic ethos. Students explore talents and grow in confidence and faith through diverse offerings, from Chess Club and Choir to math competitions and Student Council.

Every student activity reinforces our commitment to holistic education, blending academic, spiritual, and personal development.